About Us

Film Connections is a way for students in Art and Media to connect and collaborate on projects, exclusively in the North of England. As a film student finding actors can prove to be a very difficult feat especially if you can’t afford to pay through the nose, causing a lot of usage of awkward family acting or getting the sound guy to do it, who keeps looking down the damn lens. Equally as a ¬†performing arts student, finding talented film makers who can display your work in the best possible way, can be impossible.

Student Film Makers and Actors need each other equally but are so disconnected from one another.

Film Connections bridges that gap, you set up your own projects and choose who you want to work on them with, by using our simple search. Simply set up a profile, fill in your details, qualifications and show reel to start working on projects. Whether you’re looking for a Director, Camera Operator, Sound Design, Actors, Voice Actors, Photographers and many more, we have it.

Our set up a project feature lets you hand pick who you want to work with by clicking on their profile and we automatically email them. However, this works both ways, on our projects page actors and crew can show their interest in your project by simply clicking “I’m on board!” this emails the project owner notifying them of your interest.